GEOGIS Engineering Consultancy Construction & Trade Inc.

GEOGIS was established in 1997. The head Office of the company is located in Ankara, the capital city of TURKEY, with a 2600 m2 indoor area. Besides, Geogis has several local offices throughout Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The company has more than 60 engineers, consisting of surveyors, civil engineers, city planners, agriculture engineers, geologists, and that number reaches to 200 considering the technicians and field workers.

We carry out the projects listed below using 1 plane, 2 digital aerial cameras, 7 heavy construction equipments, 14 cars, 10 off-road vehicles, 6 pickup trucks, 1 bus and 1 ATV.

- Transportation Projects
- Digital Map Production
- Application of Development Plans
- Infrastructural Services
- Pipe Line Projects
- Urban Information Systems
- Supervision and Consultancy Services
- Hydro Electric Projects
- Geodetic and Photogrammetric Map Production
- Establishing Geographic Information Systems
- Real Estate Appraisal Services
- 3D City Modelling


- Group A (the highest class) Certificate of project and technical services consultancy
- ISO 9001-2000 Quality Services Certificate
- The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Security Certificate
- Construction and Services Certificate given by Energy Market Regulatory Authority


- Production of 1:1000 scale terrestrial maps: 1000 in total
- Production of 1:1000 scale photogrammetric maps: 2000 in total
- Production of orthophoto maps in several scales: 5000 in total
- Transportation projects (roads, tunnels, bridges, etc.,): 1000 in total
- Infrastructure projects in several scales: 1000 in total

Our fields of activities are ;


Pipeline projects
Highway, Motorway, Railway Surveying Projects
Nationalization Works
Determination and marking of nationalization borders
Present Mapping Works
Drinking Water, Sewage and Infrastructure Projects
Development Planning,Development Application Works
GIS Preparation
Preparation of Cadastre Plans
Cadastre Studies
Land Organization Projects
Geodetic and Photogrammetric Mapping Works
Division and Joinder Works
GPS(Global Positioning Systems) Measurements


Investigation and reporting of the effects on environment caused by highways,motoways,railways,airports, dams,irrigation projects and industrial institutes (Environment Impact Assessment Reports)
Landscape Environment Arrangement
All subjects related to environmental and erosion combat


Transportation engineering projects : Preparation of drawings, calculations and reports of state and province highways, motorways, railways, light rail systems and subway projects according to related specifications.
Infrastructure Works : Preparation of driking water, sewage, rainwater projects.
Every kind of infrastructure projects of municipality and industrial institutions.
Pipelin, airport, dam, irrigation projects.

Our company utilize all sort of equipment, instrument and software as a requirement of advancced and modern technology in its field of activities.

Mission and quality policy of GEOGIS

Gaining customer satisfaction by special, confidential, regular and ethical high quality services by following the science and technology with our professional team, enhancing our quality and productivity to become the top company of the sector.